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Sustainable Sights Landscaping was founded in 2016 by Casey Sumner.

After mingling in organic farming and seeing how challenging it is for a single farmer to have a broad influence, I founded Sustainable Sights Landscaping to work directly with property owners to encourage social, economic, and environmental change in how we foster our local ecosystems.

I combined my extensive background in conventional construction and land management, and foundational background in organic farming to offer services which encourage clients to cultivate whatever space or plot of land they possess and thus be a part of a larger effort to improve the ecological value of our cities.


I’m striving to help property owners to realize the ecological potential of their land, and to take responsibility for connecting with it. We need to be cultivating our cities and suburbs to be environmental economies; to emancipate these assets for both families and wildlife, in the way of food, protection, and sanctity.


Our name is spelled ‘Sights’ instead of ‘Sites’ because our visions for sustainability include much more than just our job sites.

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