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Our Favorite Projects



We had so much fun bringing a pollinator habitat to a public space. This monarch-centric design sits right in front of the famous Elsinore Castle!

Check out our on-site interview!

Contracted by B the Keeper

Front Yard Pollinators

Here we reduced our clients mowing burden, installed a powerhouse of a pollinator garden, and controlled erosion with a dry stack retaining wall. 

Contracted by B the Keeper


Fidelity Investments

Inspired by the various ecosystems at the Red River Gorge, this project displays woodland habitat, prairie, creek edge habitat, and has a walking trail!

Check back in 2024 to see the plantings in full bloom.

Contracted by B the Keeper

Carriage House Farms

While partnered with Duke Energy, Vistra Energy, Groundwork ORV, B the Keeper, and Barefoot Design, we removed a tremendous amount of invasives (honeysuckle) at Carriage House Farms and replaced them with native trees!  


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