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We offer a range of sustainable services, from traditional lawn care to regenerative
landscaping, all harboring an unfeigned care for the land.



Garden Design • Master Design

Whether designing a small garden, or your entire property, our goal is to make your space useful to you, and have a visual poise that compels one to spend more time outside; and above all, our passion is to educate, and immerse you in the process of creating your ‘dream-scape’.

Our Design Process:

  • Fill out our free consultation request form ​to get things started

  • Free phone or email consultation ​to get the basic details

  • In-person consultation and property assessment ​to talk specifics, and walk the

    yard together

  • Conceptual design presentation ​to show you the possibilities, and what we


  • Final design presentation ​ready for sale, or revision



Hardscapes • Planting • Carpentry • Homesteading

Hardscapes: walls, stairs, patios, walk-ways​

  • Our capabilities are fully customizable patios, walls, walkways and stairways, and out-croppings.

  • Hardscaping is a novel opportunity to transform a property by either accentuating a rustic feel, or a completely contemporary vision.

Planting: home-garden, woodland planting, wildflowers, trees, edibles

  • Our plantings use a plant pallet that is mostly native, and will be of service to your family and wildlife. We select plants that will engage you with your yard in more ways than just looking at it—for example, having edibles such as fruits, creating space for leisure time, or planting to intentionally attract wildlife. For inspiration, we study nature to replicate probable ecosystems, and then modify them to better fit your home.

Carpentry: fencing, raised beds, gates, shelters

Homesteading: livestock management, water catchment, solar energy, complicated edible plantings

  • For those that need assistance with a more farm-oriented plot of land, we offer services such as livestock management, water catchment, solar energy, and complicated edible plantings. These services are not solely for those seeking to create a self-sufficient property which provides daily necessities, but can also be available for those that want to take a small step to incorporate some of these concepts into a traditional landscape design. 



Mowing • Pruning • Mulching • Leaf Removal

The noteworthy distinction to our maintenance services is that any aesthetic goal—such as a neatly sheared shrub or weedless bed—will be accomplished by elevating the health of the landscape first. This ultimately saves a homeowner time and money: if a landscape is thriving and replicating a true natural ecosystem, it should require minimal maintenance. Our designs do not require routine monthly spraying of pesticides or fertilizers, or annually replacing plants that have died unexpectedly. The most admirable aesthetic landscape is one that is sustainable on its own accord.

Our Approach:

  • We control weed pressure by addressing soil quality, mulching, and using companion plantings

  • Leaf removals can comprise of recycling the leaf debris as a natural compost

  • Our turf care uses silent, electric commercial mowers, and achieves a pristine turf by preserving soil health

  • No spraying

  • Soil health will be improved

  • We approach your yard in understanding of its dynamic nature; a ‘weed’ isn’t always a ‘weed’

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